Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ready? Backpacks on. Kids? Yeap. 2 Grandparents? Yeap. GO!

Yei...back to traveling again, now that Sofia is 4 months. Our first major trip comes beginning of April, an 8 day bonanza to Malaysia, specifically it's colonial jewel, Penang. Booked into what appears to be a very nice hotel - Traders...4 stars at the heart of the city ...

We are all buzzing with excitement....Our general goal is simple : walk - stop at cafes - cool in the pool - off to the beach in the evenings - take the tram to the penang hill which is supposed to be very cool - more cafes - parks with the kids - massages at night - yummy food (curries are said to be GREAT)....

Downloaded some photos from Lonely Planet - mouth watering. :)

Fingers crossed for decent temps - nearly 38 C yesterday in Bkk, and we're NORTH of Malaysia:)

Friday, March 05, 2010

What a week!!!

Can't even begin to talk about how busy this week has been. It' now Friday night 11:00 pm and I'm finally feeling like I'm having a rest...after a VERY LOOONG Day.

Did a lot though... our trips until August are sorted....YEI!!!

We're having crazy thoughts about Japan in the winter....brrr...would love to!

Below, photos from Sofia's swimming lesson and our trip to the Ministry of whatever to get her passport.