Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Where to go? where to go? We've got some holidays approaching quite fast and early booking is essential... We're still not sure how December will be...but if we've got our finances sorted we'd love to go to Japan. Ski if possible...Now the only thing is Japan seems quite expensive...15 euro meals for 4 , 3 times a day...it adds up...it's a wait and see, but highly likely that will happen.

Now October...that's manageable....I've love to take the kids to an elephant camp..but that's WAAAY up north and traveling overland with 2 kids...ummm...it's a lot of entertaining...

or...we could just go to the beach...:)))...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

We've moved house!!!

Bangkok traffic - not for us thank you!!! We are now walking to school and work. We've moved into this posh condo next door from the school in the heart of Bangkok...pool, tennis courts, squash, gym, sauna, playgroung, library...ahhh, that's the life!!!!

Coming very soon...photos of our place and views of Bangkok!
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