Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pigeons and 3 year olds...

Yahoo posted a link towards an article comparing the intelligence of 3 year olds and pigeons. Apparently the pigeons won, making quicker links. The interesting thing was that parents and animal lovers jumped at each other's throats defending their loved ones (see the comments).
Personally, I think the comparison is rather pointless. It's like saying bananas are better than apples. It's like comparing 2 children at their ability to add fast and deciding that the slower one is dumber.
Anyhow...check out the comments and the article below.

Smart Pigeons

Friday, June 06, 2008

a day in the park

Mum and dad are here. That's so beyond fantastic...except the fact that now they are 4 over caring grandparents, and we (the parents) are left to clean the mess. And as it usually is everywhere, I get the blame for any spoiled elements in Andrei's behavior. he he he...Noh, just kidding...everyone's being a good sport but whenever Andrei needs a TALK I usually get the wink...

I'm on a mini holiday from school now and we hit the road to the park...We each had an cold shake (coffee and chocolate) then rented bikes...2 really good hours of strolling around and stopping for playground breaks noon the heat chased us home to our air con rooms...