Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Can I just say, I gotten so good at cooking Thai food, muffins, pizza and salads that I really have to post this...I'm really really pround of my thin crust pizza (photos coming soon)...
I am actually thinking there may be room for a shift a careers..Once I finish my masters in ED I'm going to cooking classes...

So to the right we have:

Tom Yam Soup
...spicy but light - great for weight loss!!!
Basil Chicken
Plain Rice

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Feeling great about this year, guys? I do. We've got some superb trips lined up...Japan is looking good for April - we're trading the snow for cherry blossoms and our boots for trainers and flip flops...Then Romania...a 5 wks extravanganza at home...can't wait...Andrei bless him mentions Cluj every other day ..:)

We've got a lovely lady who comes and does our dinner and it's been fabulous...had stir fried veggies and ssour soup for dinner ...that's me, cause dieting has started 2 weeks ago...yay!!! After 2 kids I'm ready to get into my old clothes:)

Happy New Year!
The Bangkok Gang