Tuesday, June 15, 2010

looking forward to...

Couple of weeks left of school , then we'll be doing our summer camp and testing that awesome pool equipment we got from the US. Thanks again George!

Then off to sunny Romania - kinda too sunny from what I hear - but just generally looking forward to NO PLANS...waking up everyday, even if that means 5 am with Sofia :))) and not having anything lined up.

We're flying straight to Cluj with a baby, a toddler and two bikes...YEAH...The bikes bit has been decided 2 summers ago when we were desperately looking for some decent wheels.

Can't wait to see granny and spend at least a week with her at her mini farm...Andrei was up at 5 am everyday with her for the daily duties: milking cows, feeding the chickens...plus running around with the dogs...Granny's got two of the friendliest dogs I've ever seen.

Then, back to Bangkok - eyeing our next two big trips for the year - October in Hong Kong and December in Japan...The only question is: Do we take Sofia skiing with us in Japan?...The kiddo is ALL EYES every time we leave the house and does extremely well outdoors...but not sure if I can leave Ake and 2 kids in the snow while I make my runs...I'm thinking: if she'll walk by the time she's 13 months (which will be in Decemeber), I'll take her! Bring on the sushi!!!

Friday, June 04, 2010

On kids and time off...yeap - none!

Have managed to escape last night and see a movie with Ake...it was nothing amazing, but it felt good to hang out and finish a conversation for once without having to chase the kids, bfeed, or do whatever toddlers do - don't get me wrong, I love it!!...again, we felt sort nice and fresh, only to come home and find Sofia crying cause mom wasn't there to put her to bed, and poor mom didn't want to call us cause she wanted us to have a good time....awwww...I thought I could afford ONE night out...Nope!!!

The truth is...we are absolutely loving having 2 children, but, boy...the days are VERY LONG...late late nights...It actually feels like it's not double the work, but more like 3 to 4 times.

Can't wait for Sofia to walk though...my back is killing me!:)

In an effort to get back in good shape I've started doing Pilates at home with Andrei...It's 2 peek-a-boos and a 100.