Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Wedding season...

Some of our friends here decided 'it's time to nail the coffin' (Thai saying) and so we were there with bells on to cheer for them.

The first one was the Thai style wedding of Ake good friend Ton. Thai weddings are lovely, but man, there always 10 chiefs trying to direct everyone and everything. It was the same for us a year ago, and that tought me a great lesson 'You gotta let go!' WE DID and had a blast..it was like it wasn't even our wedding...These guys took our advice and enjoyed themselves. What if the mother-in-law picks the food and 3/4 of the guests are father-in-law's friends, right? Let go...cause there nothing to be done.
A really nice wedding...and as it is in Thai weddings, you don't get to hang out much with the couple...cause they were either taking photos, pouring tea, basically being put on the spot in all 4 corners.

The second one was an ALTERNATIVE WEDDING PARTY...Great idea! But proved the point above. If you want YOUR KIND of wedding, you gotta make sure your parents are up for it or go against all odds...It was all set up in an art gallery, great music, great photos, self served drinks, lots of young people and you've guessed...no parents!!! In fact hardly anyone over 40. The couple getting married was a distant cousin of Ake, both working in the movie - advertising bussines..and IT SHOWED.
Loved the party, but felt a bit sad to have the parents excluded...I know I would miss my kid's wedding for the world...Fingers crossed I'll turn into a cool mom!
(sorry...we didn't take the camera with us for this one)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Our first pre-natal class...

We've been chillin out big time lately, going for massages, movies, cafes since the weather in Bangkok was pretty cool. 30 C with clear blue skies (a real treat!!) and seldom showers. Staying in Bangkok totally paid off!

Moving along, we've signed up for a pre-natal course...3 weeks, 6 sesssions of talks, exercises on how to deliver, what to do when labour begins and stuff. Mommmy and daddy classes basically. :)

First day was mainly Pilates exercises, pair streching. So we watched a video first, and all the guys were joking that the woman must be a yoga instructor with a pillow tummy ,'No way my wife can stretch like that!' I'm just 5 months and compare to the 8 months mommies I'm still small, but, man, these women can stretch! I've read in all the books, but never actually believe it. The closer you come to 9 months the more flexible you are. Ake is a guy you can bend in half and he wouldn't blink, and I could still bend or stretch further. (Clap ! Clap! Clap!!! :)) Yeap, it was really funny watching all the dads suffering while we weren't even breaking a sweat. Mommies kicked butt!

All in all a great day! Looking forward to the second session.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

5 months update

Alright, we've completly slacked off this month blogging wise, but following we have a 2 weeks holiday. The plan was to get out of Bangkok (finally!) but I got really sick(all good now!) so we'll be staying close to hospitals at least till December. Rats!

The good news is, we'll be having enough time to post some more, although, heck, who's gonna read it cause everyone's on holiday, right?

To all my curious friends out there, as promised my 5 months tummy. I expect it will be at least double if not triple in size by the 9th month...Don't know if I'll have any guts to post 9 months photos. I'll probably be like a giant whale by then...he he he...Well, not to worry!

...and of course...the proud father...:)