Sunday, January 31, 2010


We had a FULL ON cream...beach and pool on Sunday...where Sofia had her first swim at 2 1/2 months...LOVED it...we're all dog fell asleep in a blink...yeaaaah...

I'm so ready for MONDAY. Bring it!

Friday, January 29, 2010

there's something about Murray...

I love tennis and can honestly say...I don't generally mind whoever wins a tournament...I like Rafa's style but don't really mind whether he wins or looses...Most players that I watch, Federer, Verdasco, Tsonga, Davydenko, Del Potro, Gonzales are graceful winners or losers...

Can't say I like Murray's style, though...he's generally way too quick to praise himself and acknowledge HIS efforts...the guy clearly has talent and has worked hard to get here - no doubt about it, but a bit of humility would truly make him a champion. So, regardless of what happens in Melbourne...there's something about Murray...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Starting clean
Thai children usually have their head shaved within the first months of life...Ake is convinced he's got good hair because of it and insisted we go through the same ritual with our lot...No probs with me! There are some things I'll fight against - shaving is not it...When we did that to Andrei, my in laws were very reassuring...."Don't worry, dear..It grows back in a month." Poor Andrei was browless for months and barely managed to grow a decent mane in about 6 months.

Thankfully, Sofia has inherited Ake's hair and so I was more relaxed about getting into the whole shaving . Plus Ake did it this time. His dad was sooo nervous when shaving Andrei that he basically shaved only patches of it - he he. Poor kid looked ridiculously funny until Ake got home and finished the job. Anyhow, back to Sofia..Bless, she's growing it so fast...eyebrows are back already...


A week after...:)

Hang in there, girl!:)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Glimpses of OZ Open

I'm a tennis fan. I love sports in general. I grew up watching and playing just about anything. I remember my dad's friends saying that "there's this girl playing football with the rest of the boys"...that's was me. Not that I was great at it...just very competitive.:)

We've had couple of roller coaster weeks and it's just lovely to kick back and feel alive, feel the thrills and the ups and downs of following up a game...Vamos Rafa!:)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


It's Saturday morning. 10 days after Sofia's birth.

The phone rings. Ake's granny's not feeling well. She was playing with Andrei then she turned pale. Ake runs over to her house to help. She has been diagnosed with cancer just a week ago, but no dares one tells her. The doctor gave her another 6 months. She's 96. She's in pain already.

I'm starting to feed Sofia. Ake's youngest sister, Lek runs up the stairs to our living room and barely catching her breath tells me " CPR. Granny. Ake siad to come NOW."

I pass Sofia to mom and run down with her. I'm trying desperately to remember HOW MANY CHEST COMPRESIONS. I took my CPR about 3 times and everytime they change bloody number of chest compresions...12...15 or 20?...aaarrggh.

We get to the house. Granny lies flat on her bed. Eyes half open. Motionless. Ake has already started CPR. "Carmen, check for pulse?" There's no pulse. Her feet are cold. Her hands are still warm and so is her head...I keep checking for pulse and counting with Ake. Everyone's at home, Ake's mom and dad, all the sisters. They are literally in shock. Her hands are getting colder and pulse. 15 min. Ake looks tired but very calm. CPR continues. The ambulance arrives. They take over from Ake...shock. nothing...another shock...nothing...more. Ake's mom is in tears and the rest of the women on the verge of it. There's too many people in a such a small room. Ake tells me to go back to Sofia.

Granny was taken to the hospital...they've managed to restart her heart...a very week pulse. She died that morning.

No comment.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Pregnancy and parenting resources

Just wanted to pass on some of the info that has helped us lots so far. Many many thanks again to our friends for all the their tips and tricks.

Best medical book about pregnancy / birth and babies in my opinion. Thanks Lois!

Best website for birth (loved the birth stories):

And thanks to Gina Ford we're all resting at night (worth buying the book):
The Contented Baby

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Starting work

My maternity break ends tomorrow - and Tuesday school start officially, so me, Ake and Andrei are off...I'm sooo happy mom is here...a great relief to know Sofia is with her...and there's Ake's mom and dad as well who are just melting for her.

It's always really hard going back after having a baby. I'm ready to be around people although I must say having 2 meant we were always out - so I don't feel I've really been away...and certainly not on holiday.-:)