Monday, September 26, 2005

I can wake up totally knaked, hop in the pool and the kids bring me back to the living. I really love them, I love that "ready to pop" with excitment. Last December when tsunami hit they saved me again. I'm generally a pretty happy person, but the tsunami after effects has to be the worst thing I've seen. Some of my kids died also, and I was dragging for weeks. Until, we started swimming again, and well, the truth is LIFE DOES GO ON. No matter what drama hits you, it does go on...I just love those smiles...Have a good one!


C.i.p.r.i.a.n said...

Hey, great pics ... a picture is always worth 1000 words or more.

Carmen said... you know why I was biting my nails last night. We love those kids!

Glaring Wolf said...


I am happy to see you again. You still look beautiful.;)

Raul and Elena

PS. you do not accept anonymous commets :(( then i have to sign up. May be i wil use it also ;)

C.i.p.r.i.a.n said...

Cheers? ;-)
So you finally decided to use proper english, eh? ;-)
Do you still have the american accent? I guess I'll find out soon... :-)

Carmen said...

Still american to the bone! HA!
It's a "give the monkey what he wants" thing...Nah, to be honest I pick accents without realizing it. However, the funniest thing here would be the Thai accent.

Raul, great o hear from you...and thanks! Blogs are pretty cool, go for it!:)

Anonymous said...

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