Thursday, June 01, 2006

What's up...

1 - We've been on baby routine for weeks now...but hurray as the first trimester comes to an end I'm getting my strength back, though I'm not out of the 10 hour sleeping patterns.

2 - It's agreed, there'll be no flying this year, so the coming summer holiday we'll rely on the car, maybe train. North of Thailand is the number one destination, however that looks a bit far, and our 20 year old Toyota has long lost any hill challenges, so maybe just NORTH of Bangkok will do. :)

3 - Number one on the waiting list is Merryl Streep's movie, 'the devil wears Prada'. I've always loved her. I could watch Out of Africa a million times. Ahhh, when Robert Redford washes her hair...:)

4 - Of course, the world cup. Betting has started at work and we're all up to our neck in statistics...It's great! The football fever!. I've put in my dad's predictions as well and boy, there was a bit of dissapointment on the Englishmen side when he predicted England out - second round ('He's serious? England out so early? - We'll , you'll be crossing blades with Germany and Sweden).

I haven't put in my predictions cause I'm stuck with the African teams. All those newcomers that'll be there to give their best shot ever, Togo, Angola, Ivory Coast.

Dad's no 1 contender is still BRAZIL...I'm hoping Czech Republic or Argentina.

Not too much hope for France, Italy (sorry Roberto :)), Japan.

Curious about Spain and England, always aiming high but hardly making it to quarter finals.

Da da da...


C.i.p.r.i.a.n said...

Actually ... England's group is not so tough, Sweden and Paraguay. Sweden is tricky though. Paraguay ... no idea yet.

But if they win the group, they're likely to face someone like Costa Rica, Ecuador or Poland (given that Germany wins group A). That looks easy. The possibility of playing against Germany in the early knock-out stage is thrilling, a game of egos.

heather said...

congratulations on your "bump"

heather said...

you haven't posted in so long...i hope that everything is ok.