Monday, October 23, 2006


Well, me managed to calm down the kiddo, so he would layed off the contractions and after a 7 months dry of holidays we headed for the beach...We'd missed several opportunities in the past and we were really really hoping for this one to work or else we'd go bonkers! Enough of Bangkok!

We drove to Cha-am, some 200 km away from Bangkok. The plan was to just get there and find some place to stay. From the express way you see loads of signs like ' Beach Garden Resort. > 500 m'...easy enough.

PAMPERING was the name of the game. We were looking for something with a swimming pool and a massage parlor nearby...and boy, we foud it. We stayed at Baan Rom Mai, a U-shape designed resort with a tropical garden and a 200 metre swimming pool with tiny whirpools all around. HEEEEA - VEN!!

So, for 2 days, we did nothing but soak our selves in the pool or go for oil massages...It's not like I can be too adventurous at this stage. :))

Pregnancy wise...

HEAT! That's the only thing I hate about being pregnant...I sweat my butt off even when it's just 23 C...not to mention the total agony when the termometer hits 30 or 35. Therefore...the pool...

I'm a week away from entering my 8th month now, feeling great...Yeah, sure, I'm not a spring flower anymore, I need to catch my breath after couple of stairs, my stomach is basically inside my rib cage...but other than that, it's a fabulous thing watching and feeling the little bouncing all over the place.


This service is going from bad to worse...took me 20 min to upload the 3 photos..and I'm totaly won't upload the rest...I'll give it a ANOTHER go in a few hours.

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