Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Before sunrise he is your son...

1 - Haven't slept more than 3 hours in a stretch for 2 months now...and now, me and Andrei are pretty much left alone for the night feedings......this is what happens people: the sleep conquers even the most excited of dads. Once in a while though I feel (and do) like waking Ake up (' Darling, get me a glass of water!'). I have developed though the unbelievable ability of falling asleep in seconds literally.

2 - Babies are great travel companions. Maybe not all, but ours is..said the proud mom :). We haven't exactly traveled, but going out here and there has been excellent. In fact all the entertaining we have to do at home is replaced by all the NEW. He's puts on the most curious of faces for hours and seems to be ignoring us most of the time, unless he gets hungry of course... Where at home we have ' mommy let's play! daddy hold me!' , when we're on the go the kiddo entertains himself. What a puppet!

3 - We bought a breast pump...BEST 3000 bath (60 euro) we ever spent! This way grandma and granpa get to play while mommy is at work and Andrei keeps getting moms sleep inducing milk. (It's true! Human milk contains this protein that induces sleep...No wonder the kiddies can barely stay awake for an entire feed.)

4 - Mom's postparthum challenge: getting back to a decent weight. I put on 20 kilos folks. Sounds a lot, but most women actually put on pretty much around 20. 2 months after birth I still feel very 'motherish' in size...Second day after birth I was shocked : I'd lost ONLY...r u ready? Only 4 kilos!!!! Two months after birth now and I lost 12...That's probably only water or some kind of fuild. Do the math folks. I'm left with 8 kilos of PURE FAT. Starting swimming very soon though!

5 - One a different note. Great entertainment and directing!

Dowload and watch Clive Oven in THE HIRE series. several short films, by top directors, sort of short stories involving a driver (CO) and naturally his BMW. Wong Kar Wai's THE FOLLOW is especially beautiful and Guy Ritchie's THE STAR really fun.

5 - Enjoy the photos..Andrei now 2 months old.

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