Sunday, June 24, 2007


Thais are in love with 'half-breeds' and so these are the kids that get all the advertising jobs, mind you, some of these pay really well...up to 2 months of mommy's salary for a couple of days work...I got stopped few times and asked if Andrei would be modeling, but since they weren't so keen on paying him a decent amount we just didn't bother.

Until...we got an offer from one of the big(I think) modeling agencies that works with kids...So, Ake and Andrei showed up for a shooting...and guess what, the bugger stared in amazement for 1 hour and refused to smile...he he he...his brilliant debut in modeling!!! 'Definetly come back in 3 months!'

Meanwhile...this is what we get at home round the clock...


Anonymous said...

Sai mananc sufletu de ce scump e. Va asteptam cu drag in RO.

I am happy we will meet on August, and maybe we can get some days together.

See you on 5th August.

Love Marius and cristina

Anonymous said...

Carmen, so cute mak mak ka. ;)