Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pigeons and 3 year olds...

Yahoo posted a link towards an article comparing the intelligence of 3 year olds and pigeons. Apparently the pigeons won, making quicker links. The interesting thing was that parents and animal lovers jumped at each other's throats defending their loved ones (see the comments).
Personally, I think the comparison is rather pointless. It's like saying bananas are better than apples. It's like comparing 2 children at their ability to add fast and deciding that the slower one is dumber.
Anyhow...check out the comments and the article below.

Smart Pigeons


ioana said...

Everyone needs to eat therefore they need money therefore they need a job therefore you get these crazy studies and articles. Just because everyone needs to eat. Therefore we probably aren't any different than animals, nor smarter. It just helps our ego to think that we are.

George Popescu said...

how long did a pigeon life expectancy is? 20+ years it appears. so they have to learn fast because they live less. so yes, a pointless comparison.