Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dear All,

We've sort of lost touch with blogging as September was a super stressful month..I'm rating this one 9 /10. Dad was in hospital and lost 4 toes due to a minor infection + diabetes, so watch those sodas!!!
Anyhow, things are great now, apart from the ongoing protests in Thailand. A ahndful of fanatics manage to harrass an entire city, even bloody close an aeroport today...that being a day before Ake and Andrei fly out. The police are still standing down for a fear of military getting involved, that triggering another coup....basically...we're screwed.

Many thanks for your emails, asking about us...we'll get back to news now...hopefully flights will be on tomorrow!
Meanwhile...we're facing anarchy...


georrge said...

we're sorry for your father and hope is well now. good luck with those flights and hope to see you in Cluj.


Anonymous said...

thinking of you and really hope things get cleared up there. It's so sad to watch this happening to a place I consider my second homeland.
Love and best wishes
Lois Ann