Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dear All,

We are waiting for baby no 2.:)

It was really strange seeing the other side of things, the ugly morning sickness (that lasts the whole day), the constant exhaustion. I haven't experienced it before, but now I can see what other fellow moms were complaining about.

It feels like Andrei has a 'gut feeling' that he'll have to share soon(although at this stage he thinks having a baby means having a big tummy, so according to him even grandpa has a baby)...he's become glued to us...trying to score points while he can. I'm beginning my third month I feel great!!! Mom and dad are due in Bangkok on Tues, no more protests in Bangkok, the noisy Thai New Year is over - all is good in Thai!!!

Below, photos of Andrei at school.:)


ioana said...

Wow, he is so changed since Christmas. You should post pictures more often.
Congrats for the new baby.
I guess the take home message for me is: women win!

Anonymous said...

I am SO EXCITED for you all. Congrats on the new baby to be. yeah. i will email you soon. Tracy

Anonymous said...

that is Tracy in Colorado

Anonymous said...

I was wondering when you would get around to baby number 2. Congrats and good luck.
Lois Ann, Hannah, and Suki

Dana said...

Draga Carmen

Dupa ce tot am incercat ba cu emailuri ba cu telefoane ba cu mesaje mi-am adus aminte de blog... doamne ce de noutati!!!!

In primul rand FELICITARI pentru noul bebe!

Iar primul nu-mi vine sa cred cat de superb arata!!! Si tare vreau sa-l vad si eu!!!!

Condoleante pentru bunicul, bine cel putin ca ai apucat sa mergi in Romania sa-l vezi..

Deci parintii tau au venit aici si vor sta un an??? super!!!

Altfel, cu munca cum mai merge, si am auzit ca faci si un masterat la distanta????

Hai sa ne vedem si noi intr-o zi, please please please!!!