Friday, October 09, 2009

New Zealand and other places by camper van

Friends of mine are camper van fans...they've traveled Europe by camper van (initially rented at 1500 E / week) than bought their own. According to them this is the best way to do it if you've got kids...It's trickier nowdays to park in big cities, but few years back you could park/ wake up in front of the Eiffel tower...yeah.

I have friends that have done it in the was super easy to get around and back when the gas so 99 cents it came to almost nothing.

Anyhow...they've booked their trip to NZ by camper van again... 800 euros/ week in a 6 person camper flights from Bangkok (600 euros/ pers)...what a life...!!!

It's a great time to travel to/via Asia now!


ioana said...

The camper van looks awfully small for an American family. I do not think they even rent something like that here.

Carmen said...

That's cause it's not an American family. An Italian family actually - Europeans!