Sunday, November 22, 2009


We're over the moon happy after the birth of our little Sofia...who kept us waiting for couple of days and came rushing in a matter of hours.

She's an absolute doll...or we just know better...?? I'm guessing it's both, cause we are just crusing the nights and loving the days...I mean...It does get busy....:)

Andrei did extremely well so far, maybe becuase we really tried to maintain all the regulars in his life (playground, friends, school), but he does want to try everything that the poor girl touches...her bed, her chair, her toys...Since she doesn't mind YET, that's totally find by me.:)

As I was saying couple posts back...I truly feel that women can give birth (provided all is well) without doctors / nurses etc...and once again, that's exactly what happened to us...and it was brilliant! Having said that...I love my doctor for arriving 5 min late and being totally cool and so natural about everything.

Birth story to follow soon...

Meanwhile enjoy day 1 photos...


Anonymous said...

Draga Carmen,

va dorim numai sanatate si fericire pt micuta Sofia! Felicitari si aveti grija de voi!!! E o frumusete de fetita!

Anonymous said...

am uitat sa semnez, eu fiind ionuca

ioana said...

Seamana foarte tare cu tine, si e super draguta.