Tuesday, June 15, 2010

looking forward to...

Couple of weeks left of school , then we'll be doing our summer camp and testing that awesome pool equipment we got from the US. Thanks again George!

Then off to sunny Romania - kinda too sunny from what I hear - but just generally looking forward to NO PLANS...waking up everyday, even if that means 5 am with Sofia :))) and not having anything lined up.

We're flying straight to Cluj with a baby, a toddler and two bikes...YEAH...The bikes bit has been decided 2 summers ago when we were desperately looking for some decent wheels.

Can't wait to see granny and spend at least a week with her at her mini farm...Andrei was up at 5 am everyday with her for the daily duties: milking cows, feeding the chickens...plus running around with the dogs...Granny's got two of the friendliest dogs I've ever seen.

Then, back to Bangkok - eyeing our next two big trips for the year - October in Hong Kong and December in Japan...The only question is: Do we take Sofia skiing with us in Japan?...The kiddo is ALL EYES every time we leave the house and does extremely well outdoors...but not sure if I can leave Ake and 2 kids in the snow while I make my runs...I'm thinking: if she'll walk by the time she's 13 months (which will be in Decemeber), I'll take her! Bring on the sushi!!!

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raluca said...

there is now in Cluj a very popular bike sharing program. so, you could use them ...