Friday, April 14, 2006

Language Trouble

Last minute details. I was checking the train fares between Hanoi and one of our Northern destionations as I remembered it, Lau Chai...Strangely enough, it seemed difficult to find any buses taking us from Lau Chai to Sapa, our main base up North. Why? Cause I bloody got lost between Lau Chai and Lai Chau...;) While Lao Chai is the last train stop in Vietnam before entering China and some 30 km from Sapa, Lai Chau is in the middle of nowhere, but still, in Northern Vietnam. That was a close one!:)

We've exchanged our money into USDollars which are just as easy to trade as in Vietnamese Dong. Apparently most foreigners can't keep track of the thousands and thousands of Dong you need for a decent meal. But, hey, I'm from Romania, where all are millionaires there, so BRING IT ON! :))

A last batch of photos from the Thai Red Cross Event couple weeks ago. Great fun! Excellent food!

Signing off... Carmen:)

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