Thursday, April 06, 2006

Straight out of "Kids say silly things"

G : Teacher Carmen, how come you have a big belly?

Carmen: Well, maybe I have a baby inside...

G : Yeah!? Really? (two big blue eyes staring at me)

Carmen: I dont't know yet.

G: Ummm...or maybe you're just eating too much!"

Carmen: ? :)))

Moving further on: a curiously good deed fell upon me few days ago. I was taking a kapoa-taxi (a sort of small open mini van) to the sky train. The usual charge: 30 baht. I hand over a 100 baht bill. The guy laughs casually and says in Thai: "Sorry, I have no change, but no worries. I work around here everyday, you can catch up with me later." What a nice guy! For 3 days I've been eyeing all the taxis around. No dice. No sight of my benevolent taxi driver.


Anonymous said...

I see somebody really loves photos...Have fun in Vietnam!

C.i.p.r.i.a.n said...

So you replied ... "I don't know yet".
Are you preparing us for something? ;-)

Carmen said...

Well, once you're married there no surprise here, unless you're 60 or 70. :)