Friday, May 05, 2006

Hill People - Cat Cat Village - Vietnam

Here's our favorite Vietnamese. This old guy was peacefully walking the hills around the Cat Cat village near Sapa, minding his own bussiness, stoping at time sipping the cold air and enjoying the scenery.
We managed to get up close when, as we were chatting with some guys around they called him in Vietnamese to check out how Thai coins look like. He took one, turned over and handed it back smiling. We told him that he could keep it as a souvenir if he wanted to. He nodded as to say 'Thank you' and walk away happy, tossing the coin around.

Best of all, out on the hills the villagers around Sapa were casually following their daily routines. People approached us rarely and it felt like being a fly in a Vietnamese village.


Anonymous said...

hey! great photos...the old guy is fantastic...

heather said...

I love the expression on that old man's face! The kids are adorable too.