Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Mission Impossible III

The actually did it!!! They made Mission Impossible without showing the mission. All you know at the end is that Cruise gets in and puff puff a bunch of guys and steals the rabbits foot which we're left to guess it's some chemical weapon.

Bottom line is...among several dodgy survival scenes (Yeap, Cruise has just about 9 lives), there some good moments which truly resemble original idea of the movie. The first half is captivating, but the second one is more like 'the hero saves the day, and darn it, we don't even know how'. The bad guy, Philip Seymour Hoffman is an ace. Best point about Cruise, he's unbelievably fit, or we're left to believe so, but anyway, it looks good.

MI I stays a classic. MI III overtakes MI II, which I thought was a disaster.



C.i.p.r.i.a.n said...

Well, there were hints that the Rabbit foot was an "anti-good", pointing to anti-matter!
It can't be a chemical weapon as it wouldn't cost so much... anti-matter would justify the cost, because it's freakingly expensive to produce. However it cannot be stored as easily as shown in the film. So they deliberately not name the thing, not to be bashed by science-lovers.
Well, not that everything else was highly scientific or credible :-)

At least I laughed at IMF - Impossible Mission Force.

ionuca said...

Talking about Tom Cruise...he is already losing some of his most loyal fans....it may be his comments or his behaviour on national tv for the past few years....I guess the guy has changed quite a bit lately, right now he's trying real hard to make a come back, but I think that I'll save the $30 for the tickets and the overpriced popcorn and soda and maybe I'll rent the DVD when it will come on the market; let's face it, very seldom the no2 or no3 are just as good as the first movie in the series, the list is too long to give an example...I believe I won't even bother to go see it, I can already tell what kind of movie it is just by reading about your impressions, unfortunately the movie industry is not trying to make good quality films, they're trying to make money....but one thing is for sure: cu cat mai multe efecte speciale, cu atat mai proasta calitatea artistica a filmului!...
anyway, I'm watching a lot more of the older movies or the foreign ones, they might not have all yhe high speed chases and the absurd number of explosions and other stunts but at least they have a better plot;
well, it's time to go now, nice photos guys, love you

ionuca said...
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