Wednesday, September 20, 2006

State of emergency in Thailand Possible coup!

We fell asleep around 7 pm. Got up around 10 pm...Ake was ready to go out and get some food, when SHIT the streets are empty. That's always odd on our street cause normally the street stays packed until midnight.

Opened the TV. All channels BLANK, some add saying 'we will resume trasmision later'...then we got a phone call from Ake's best buddy saying that tanks have surrounded the parliment (that's half of the army that supports the plot). Bad news for us! We live 10 min away from the parliment! RATS!

Just as I'm typing now tanks are rolling down our street.

TV still out, all Radio channels out, cell phones not working...hurray for the internet.

A minute ago PM's oponent (Who's this guy? No one knows about him...I mean not even the Thais) announced on TV they took over the parliment and Taksin's (that's the PM) house, propreties...This guys acts like the PM's a dictator..I mean is one thing to take over, another thing to take the guy's house while he's in NY.

GOOD NEWS! The school called...NO school tomorrow! Possibly until Friday!

...we'll keep you guys posted...


Anonymous said...

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heather said...

I can't even believe that I've heard nothing of this! Hope you guys are ok.....

Anonymous said...

So what is going on now? I leave in tha back of beyond and the radio staions here just doesn't keep up on world news very well. Hope you are all fine and the tanks aren't keeping you awake!