Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Not lazy, just really really busy...so sorry folks...by hurray..news.

1 - British weather in Bangkok. Heck , we haven't seen the sky for ages...a classic modern combination of polution and in Bangkok's case monsoon skies. I've counted 3 raining episodes just yesterday...absolutely pouring!

2 - Went to see MY SUPER EX-GIRLFRIEND...I read on imdb.com some good reviews and thought maybe the jokes in the movie are terrific or something. Don't go, guys! A total waste of time..yeah, sure few jokes here'n there, but not enough to make it interesting...Silly is the best word for it!

3 - I'm just about ready to enter my 7th...starting to waddle like a duck. Nowdays, I think twice before approaching a tight spot..he he he, not that I was ever so slim to disregard the lack of space....but in pretty good shape otherwise...

4 - Despite 'daddy's' fingers and toes crossed, WE'LL HAVE A BOY!!! Makes sense for me...I've been craving my all time favorite things...living on cheese and tomatoes and lemon juice and banana shakes. Graparents prayers have been answered!

5 - Following tomorrow ... one of the 'funniest birth stories' ...well written...what can I say..I'm getting ready for the big PUSH!

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C.i.p.r.i.a.n said...

Hey, congrats on that :-)
In the meantime, keep us posted about the coup going on at the moment over there. :-)