Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Being a parents is such a trial and error experience....You find something that works one day, and the next day you something else pops up or the same solution doesn't work anymore.

Take breastfeeding for instance...How the heck it comes so natural to all the other mammals but us? any baby book and you'll find out a list of 50 things that could go wrong. I always thought I'll be this cool mom and that all this stuff is just a matter of instinct. Took me about a month to actually learn to hold Andrei properly...
Then there's the problem of the actual milk...I thought: "Hey, bring the kiddo to the breast..job done!! It works for all other mammals." Not for human cubs! They need to get the rich sleep-inducing milk that comes after the poor kid has been suckling for at least 10 min/breast..Trouble is, human cubs are such sleepy if you let them fall asleep, they wake up within an hour screaming their hearts out for food, not to mention that the foremilk(the watery one) taken in excess causes gas like you can't believe!...Add it all up...these guys basically feed for 30 min - 1 hour at a time...7 times a day (now, before 9-10) do the math.

However, once you've figured it out, bfeeding is a great bonding experience and nothing beats 'liquid gold'.:)

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