Thursday, March 29, 2007

Entering the world - the buddist way

I always knew there will be times when I'm gonna have to close my eyes(mouth?) and say 'well, the bugger is half chinese...'

This is one of those.

Traditionally, Thai or Chinese kids(in Thailand) shave their babies head and EYEBROWS(!!!!) after they've passed the first month. S - Day is chosen carefully based on mom/dad/baby's chinese horoscope.

Ours turned out to be 14th of March...truly a good day, as Andrei was quiet as a puppet and slept through most of it.

After the first eyebrow...Mom managed to calm down / grab the camera.

And when he woke up...:))

I'm told this is the secret in acquiring one of those great dense Chinese buns and thick gorgeous eyebrows.

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Anonymous said...

Dragilor, ce i-atzi facut la bietu geto-daco-chinezo-thailandez, l-atzi transformat in "Micul Kojak" he...he.. he.. Da lasa ca venitzi voi la vara , si o luatzi pe coaja de la bunicii din RO, nu scapatzi asa usor he.. he. he..(am glumit) Oricum, tot frumushel e! Va pupam Mami si Tati