Wednesday, August 06, 2008

SUMMER CAMP - part 1
Hey guys...I know..long time no post... but we have a good excuse: WE WERE HAVING FUN! summer camp... We ran a cool 1 month summer camp at the school and took Andrei with us to join the littlest of group: the Early Years.

Friends of mine tell how exciting is to take your child to his firt day at school. Well I got to see all that since I was running the early years group.

Andrei did awesome (when kids weren't hugging Miss Carmen - that was the only prob) and is missing school now...Houston, we have a problem! He gets every morning and points to the car wanting to go to school...

It was kinda funny when kids were taking toys from him and Andrei was give me the "help mom" look and I had to give him the "Now, Andrei we have to share with our friends...or go and get something else to play with..."...and best of all...he learned to sit down and eat by himself (like all the other children) as we often had to do tricks to get him to eat at home. YEY!!!

We loooved it!

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George Popescu said...

hmm, I foresee the O. (my niece) syndrome: "if you don't go to bed now, we'll not let you go to school tomorrow" :)