Saturday, August 30, 2008

Not meaning to, I have totally negleted this blog lately. My parents left fro Romania just a week ago and before that we hit the road and headed to the nearest beach.
We had a speactacular holidays on Dolphin Bay...a quiet beach, a superb swimming pool, cows and monkeys around...and a great playground for the little one.
The highlight of the week was hiring a fishing boat to take us around. For 300 baht (10 USD) we had the boat for half day...

The hard cold reality struck shortly after my guys left and we found ourselves hands full up to our knees in work.

Here's to Dolphin Bay!


georrge said...

nice trip, we're thinking to a boat trip our selfs too (but more like a cruise). your folks looks like they getting younger and younger ... probably the thai air, or the food? or andrei made them to run a little? wow, andrei grew quite a bit, in the previous set of picture we were confused with so many kids around and couldn't be sure which one was him. apparently the big one :)

ioana said...

What are you feeding this baby? He is so BIG!!!

Carmen said...

he he he...I don't know how many nearly 2 year old you know but Andrei is total average. Medically speaking I was so afraid that my in-laws would over feed him that I kept a very close eye on Andrei's growth chart...He's average!
Hang on! It's not that Andrei is BIG, it's more like, Ake is SMALL!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Carmen, Ake, Andrei!
Hello from Revelstoke!!!
Suddenlly I just had this idea to check you out, guys! Great pictures! I was extremely happy to see your parents again, too. They look exactly the same as at the wedding!
But to be honest I expected to see more kids by now...
Do you know about our Lutza?
She is one, Bence is two. I think our boys would get along really well, we should get together sometime!