Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Andrei had really dry skin on his cheeks and no baby cream seemed to helped - in fact, whenever we used any lotion it made it worse. I tried a dozen lotions...In the summer of 2008 when he was 7 months we visited Romania and our Pediatrician neighbor recommended Avene - Great Success! It worked like a charm after only using the lotion few times.

Well Sofia had the same thing...except, you can't get Avene in Thailand ... So, I decide to give ONE try before bothering someone. I grabbed the most expensive cream in the house - my Garnier Firming Age Lift day cream and tried it on the poor thing. I wouldn't have been this brave with Andrei, but with the second one you kinda feel more relaxed...SUPERB results! As my in laws put it, Sofia has now the skin of a true Chinese beauty.:)


Chris said...

But is it cheaper than the Avene cream? Does that mean that she will be forever young? I wish my mum had this "insight" as well, I wouldn't be so worried about wrinkles. :-)
She is a cutie!

Carmen said...

it's slightly more expensive...and yeap, I'm guessing she'll be forever greatful to her mom for this.:)