Sunday, January 03, 2010

Starting work

My maternity break ends tomorrow - and Tuesday school start officially, so me, Ake and Andrei are off...I'm sooo happy mom is here...a great relief to know Sofia is with her...and there's Ake's mom and dad as well who are just melting for her.

It's always really hard going back after having a baby. I'm ready to be around people although I must say having 2 meant we were always out - so I don't feel I've really been away...and certainly not on holiday.-:)

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Chris said...

WOW, going back to work already?! How long is the maternity leave in Thailand - 2 months?
It's good to have the parents around in times like this; we will have to send the little one to a nursery, but at least I'm at home until she is 10 months old.