Wednesday, January 13, 2010


It's Saturday morning. 10 days after Sofia's birth.

The phone rings. Ake's granny's not feeling well. She was playing with Andrei then she turned pale. Ake runs over to her house to help. She has been diagnosed with cancer just a week ago, but no dares one tells her. The doctor gave her another 6 months. She's 96. She's in pain already.

I'm starting to feed Sofia. Ake's youngest sister, Lek runs up the stairs to our living room and barely catching her breath tells me " CPR. Granny. Ake siad to come NOW."

I pass Sofia to mom and run down with her. I'm trying desperately to remember HOW MANY CHEST COMPRESIONS. I took my CPR about 3 times and everytime they change bloody number of chest compresions...12...15 or 20?...aaarrggh.

We get to the house. Granny lies flat on her bed. Eyes half open. Motionless. Ake has already started CPR. "Carmen, check for pulse?" There's no pulse. Her feet are cold. Her hands are still warm and so is her head...I keep checking for pulse and counting with Ake. Everyone's at home, Ake's mom and dad, all the sisters. They are literally in shock. Her hands are getting colder and pulse. 15 min. Ake looks tired but very calm. CPR continues. The ambulance arrives. They take over from Ake...shock. nothing...another shock...nothing...more. Ake's mom is in tears and the rest of the women on the verge of it. There's too many people in a such a small room. Ake tells me to go back to Sofia.

Granny was taken to the hospital...they've managed to restart her heart...a very week pulse. She died that morning.

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Chris said...

Uh, I can't imagine what you went through. The post kept me thinking for a long time about so many different things.

I hope everybody is well after the shock.