Monday, January 01, 2007

And ... the baby
Our finest moment...29th of December, 1:07 am...the birth of our son, Andrei Han-Ming.
We had the birth of our dreams...story to follow soon...

and the following hours...

it's mom's milk...but daddy wants a go at feeding...


Anonymous said...

Are ochi de chinez!!!

Carmen said...

he he he...YEAP...He's mostly chinese looking.(and I thought he'll be mommy's boy:))

Anonymous said...

Saracu, nascut pe 29 decembrie, o sa-i fie greu sa-si serbeze ziua de nastere. N-ati putut planifica mai bine? :-)

Felicitari si sa fie sanatos haiducu! :-)


Anonymous said...

He looks like the "Emperor" :)
Congratulations guys!


Anonymous said...

Felicitari! E scumpic tare.Sa va traiasca , sa fie sanatos , cuminte si norocos.E nascut pe 29 decembrie ca si Nicu.

Anonymous said...

very very cute!!!! He looks like Ake but a little bit different (same,same...)
I hope Bence and Andrei will be friends! The three months difference disappears soon!
kisses from

Anonymous said...

Hey Carmen and Ake,
Congratulations! He is so beautiful. Can't wait to have a cuddle. Fliss

Anonymous said...

Felicitari la amindoi!!!
E tare dulce si frumusel.
Sa fie sanatos si sa va aduca numai bucurii!

PS. Sa ne anuntati cand ajungeti prin tara, poate reusim sa ne vedem

Anonymous said...

Ake - you look so proud. Congratulations to the parents. Looks like a healthy baby. What is the baby's nickname?

Carmen, did you have a normal birth?

Hope you don't have too many sleepless nights.

Make the most of your time with the baby - they grow so fast they're adults before you know it.

Please take plenty of videos and photos - they're so valuable when you want to remember what it was like. We did it and savour every minute of tape taken.

Won't take anymore of your precious time - you'd want to spend it with the baby.


Kit, Tina, Diane, David, Kathy and Cheryl

Anonymous said...

Nice! Thank you!


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