Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Just a quick note on a very very busy diaper day and couple more snap shots of Andrei.

I'm doing this spa for moms...a Thai traditional thing which is absolutely fantastic. This lady comes everyday to our place and for about 5 hours (without bfeeding and diaper change breakes) it's full on massage/ sauna / oil rubb / aromateraphy / herbal presses and some special tummy massage to readjust the uterus...my tummy is nearly gone!!!:)


Anonymous said...

both of you so cool and you're son so cute e e e e..


Anonymous said...

Andrei, such a nice name for a cute boy!! He will bring all good things to you for sure:)
congratulations again!!!

Anonymous said...

He's gorgeous!
congratulations ka.

Carmen said...

Thanks guys!
We're at home for now...taking it easy and trying to figure out a way to balance bfeeding, sleep & free time with the little guy. We'll be out soon! Ice cream party?