Sunday, January 21, 2007

Being a family..

Okay, we had some hardcore nights! What can I say, ROOKIES! :)))
It's just that human cubs are so helpless, and that is their greatest survival skill. Naturally all parents find their baby irresitable, and we're no different...but the parenting road is full of SPOIL ME traps...

So, it was hard ..and now it's getting easier....As 3 week old parents we set ourselves some healthy guidelines:

1. Andrei needs to be a part of the family NOT the center of it. Keep mom, dad and baby happy. (This is the best thing I've learned. Baby happy and at the center of things is the sure way to 2 ragged parents and eventually an unhappy kid).

2. It's OKAY to let baby cry...Eventually is only for couple of minutes. Instant gratification is no good.
Early days he got used to being held and cuddled most of the time. Nasty habbit! And the little buggers get attached to the good life so quickly...We had to unlearn that!:)

3. Stay close to a flexible routine...Life is soooo much easier with a baby when we can predict at least part of our day...

Ohh...and we loooove BATH TIME WITH DADDY!!!

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