Monday, October 24, 2005

Carmen, Mom and Puiu

Mom(in Romanian): Hey? Where’s Puiu (aka Ake)?
Carmen(in Romanian): Right here.
Mom(in Romanian): Good. I’m done talking to you. Pass him on.

Puiu: Servus. Ce faci, mami? (Hi! What’s up?)
Mom: Puiu, is bine. Tu? (I’m good. You?)
Puiu: Bine bine….Tati? (Good…Good. Dad?)
Mom: Tati is Oki. Carmen? (He’s good. Carmen?)
Puiu: Well…Carmen HAPA HAPA…Can’t get her to “Ciocu mic”! (Carmen keeps yapping. Can’t get her to shut up…:()
Mom: No “ciocu mic”?…We told you…you gotta ..ZAP ZAP!
Puiu: K mom, will do! (turning to me … muahahaha …)

Do I really wanna pack my bags and move to Romania in the next few years?


C.i.p.r.i.a.n said...

My oh my, didn't know your mom spoke english ... or Ake romanian :-)
"Ciocu mic" was never your best feature! ;-) hahahaha ... but ZAP ZAP for that? and coming from your mom? Sheesh Sheesh ... I would pack my bags and move to Australia ... Thailand and Romania are too hostile and colluding against you! :-)

Anonymous said...

Say hallo to your mom. I saw how she is communicating with Ake and I would like to say she is a great woman.

I would like to see my mother talk english and google some receipies on the internet :))

Anonymous said...

Cipri, you oughta hear her...she's been taking English lessons for 2 years now..getting pretty good...surprinsingly good. Also, Ake's becoming a master of Romanian slang and sayings ("e.g Vara nu-i ca iarna!") ;))