Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Few months ago Ake told me that Orchestra conductors live the longest and die so blissfully in their sleep. Then on the either side of things are sports instructors who die the youngest, the stress, the nerves, the pressurrrrre. -:)

I've been a bit careful since then, you know, taking it easy…whatever we do today it's done! If not, there’s always tomorrow. No sense in aggravating things.

I'm in this weird situation though, when I have to tell the parents they need to have coffee on the terrace and live us alone. The glass filled up today and really really felt like yelling: Stop whipping the kids face every 5 seconds! And stop convincing the kid that EVERYTHING IS OK! Even an adult hearing this for 10 times starts to really think something is utterly wrong even though, there isn’t!

Then I just loved this 3 year old girl turning her head to mom and saying “Mom, com'on, let go!” Mom, looked puzzled at me and I raised my shoulders 'You heard her! And guess what, she’s not kidding!' -:)


C.i.p.r.i.a.n said...

Wow, the photo is fantastic ... it almost convinced me to have kids of my own hahaha
But seriously, you're lucky to work with such kids ... although I suspect there are drawbacks too sometimes!

Anonymous said...

hi carmen & ake!

just wanted to drop a line right quick...enjoy reading your thoughts..maybe one day we'll go on a skiing trip again, miss you dearly, ioana

Anonymous said...

Hey Ioana, It's gotta be in Colorado, the skiing I mean. No worries it's on our TO GO BACK TO list...Hugs, Carmen and Ake

Cipri: Yeap, they're cute buggers! Yesterday I had a 4 year old austrian girl saying "you know, Ms. Carmen, I LOVE YOU!" Made my day!