Saturday, October 29, 2005

The grass on the either side
If you’d tell me now…”I’ve looked in the future, you’ll never make to Tibet or New Zealand” I could live with it. The top 3 on the must go back list are Estes Park(Colorado), Krabi (Thailand) and my beloved Transylvania. 'You’ll never see Estes again!' - that would be rough.
Back to Colorado - I’ve spent a good hunk of my life there, on and off about 3 years and when I left I made a solid promise to myself, that I’ll be back.
Huge memory waves came my way when several of my great friends wrote they’re either there, in Estes, or on their way. NOOOOOO! Write me about it when I’m down in southern Thailand, not when I’m boiling in Bangkok!:))

It was probably THE BEST JOB I've ever had – tramping the trails everyday and looking for critters. To bad you couldn't make a living out of it in the long run. The sad part was that people were coming and going all the time and I felt torn apart many times.

Estes was it's own world. Far too much to describe here, but the feeling of waking up everyday and looking at this(Long's Peak) haunts me to this day.

From my perspective, I uncovered a new dimension to myself, of people, nature, of balance. I felt, well, FREE.


Anonymous said...

Nice job... way to go.

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Felix said...

When I first saw the photo attached to the article, I thought, "Wow, that is so gorgeous. I wonder where that is, Romania?" (since the previous post mentioned Romania) Imagine my surprise when I realized you had shot it in Estes Park, just a 45-minute drive or so from where I live in Colorado! You have a wonderful eye for photography! -felix @