Saturday, October 01, 2005

Same Same but Different
I finally managed to find a good title! Hurray! I was asked the other day what do I really like about Thailand. The COLORS. In fact all Asia is so full of it. I think secretly all the backpackers that make it here are looking for it. It's the only place where I've seen tourists transformed into locals in a flash, including myself. You come here and you start wearing fisherman pants, and Thai skirts and funky flip flops. We go back to Europe and everything is a bit too much in pale tones.
Here there is glamour!


georrge said...

there are colors and colors. there are the ones so alive as the ones that you can see on the fruits in the western shops (west of romania), or their green spaces. these are the perfect colors, are taken right from the book. and there are natural colors that you have to find it first because thy're not in the "mainstream".

Anonymous said...

ok.. after taking many wedding pictures i will show you very impressive pictures filled with really colorful korean costumes..
wait.. wait..

Carmen said...

Would love to see them!!! If you mail them over I'd love to put them on the blog..:)
Soek-gu, so do I start mashing the chilli for you? will we see you in December?