Sunday, November 06, 2005

<'Ernest Hemingway once wrote, "The world is a fine place and worth fighting for". I believe the second part." '...Morgan Freeman, Seven.
Saw a great movie last night. Expected something in a line of a gun gang movie, but in returned I got this strong SEVEN feeling. For me, it's in the top 3. If you're a SEVEN fan, I guess you'll love this one.
The ratings keep pushing the violence and the sexuality as an overall tone, but actually I think it's quite subtle regarding the topic. It's like you see just above the surface. I'm not one to go wild for Nicholas Cage, but he is the man for this part. That face expression that he has in most of his movies was the THING for this one, being really mental rational like, overcontrolled, rather than emotional or physical.
That's it from, you actually gotta see it before reading endless reviews!


sasha said...

come on carmen.
if u know cage only for "the rock" or face off" or bla bla fuck shit - watch "adaptation", "matchstickman", "weatherman" and !!! of course !!! leaving las vegas - the movie i can watch 4ever.
sasha from russia

Anonymous said...

Rats, I missed Matchstickman but loved Adaptation. However at the time I thought Adaptation was just a lucky shot...looks like, IT WASN'T! :)