Monday, November 28, 2005

In Thai, we call beer ... Singha

As a result of my "bragging" at last week's party on Romanians fondness to Palinca(Eastern European life and death source) one of my friends researched, where exactly Romania IS on an alcohol consumption scale. If you're Romanian, you won't believe it: WE'RE not even in the top 50!!(quick, bribe these guys with some liquor). Thailand's way ahead somewhere on the 20th place, with (guess what) Luxembourg heading the ranking, followed by Hungary (this hurts!:) just kiddin..) and Ireland (no surprise here).

To make it more intresting, I've researched on the tea consumption...and guess what, THERE'S NOT EVEN ONE Asian country in the top 18 (according to Japan Today Forum). No China? No Japan? Better keep this one away from my in-laws.

Photo by Ake

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