Friday, November 25, 2005


That's granny! I'm a huge fan of hers! 90 years old and a tough cookie!

Today is Ake's dad's birthday. We call him THE EMPEROR cause he's the coolest guy I've ever seen, always on top of things, always in control. So, we had to get up at 5 am to do the good deed and offer food to the monks. Great! I always wanted to do it, but not knowing the customs and yes, most of the times being too lazy, I've never done it. The sunrise was great, and the monks soo humble and had this strange quietness about them that's really touchy.

We pass the food and they pray for us while and after receiving it. The strange thing is, it's all done in Balinese sanscrit, so no one but them really understands anything. It like the beginning of Christianity when it was all done in Latin. The Thais don't seem bothered by it, just go along with it. They say " It's the right thing, offering and being thankful, that's all you need to know".


Anonymous said...

Hey Camen!

It is always so wonderful to hear from your world over there in
Thailand. I
am so excited and happy for you and all of your amazing experiences!:)
still hope to visit. We need to wait until Ryan is finished with his
though, maybe in 3 years or so. Those photos of the offering to the
were so breath-taking. Great work!:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mellon. I'm gettin better, but can't top Ake's Loy Kratong Photos. Rats!:) 3 years? You might just catch us here...ahhh, our great outdoor ed days.