Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Loy Kratong

That’s the candle festival starting tomorrow…Again, I love festivals and stuff, and this one is spectacular…the whole river looks fantastic over night, candles and flowers floating. By morning all the glamour is gone, and we’re back to cleaning our own mess. Most of it gets cleaned up, but there’re still all the leaves and plants that are decomposing in the river. The rest of the scientific story is: CO 2 goes up and all the critters in the river have to suffer…
I guess I really am part of the crowd, for loving it, even though I don’t launch a Kratong, but this festival sort of makes me sad. We really are like that, we can only offer, we can only love OUR WAY…. There must be a lesson for the receiver though too…what can you accept in the name of love?

Back in time for a second there, when I used to buy teddy bears for my mom’s birthdays … R u giggling there? Well, she used to constantly buy me socks, shirts or underwear. Then again, what else was there? … empty coffee shops. Now, don’t get the idea I’m craving coffee now...:))…Quit 2 months ago. Scouts honor!

Anyhow, we’ll be there with bells on…:)

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georrge said...

hmm, candles on waters ... just two weeks ago i've made some photos with candles on water in a cave. the first goal was to put candles in many mini-lakes, but we had to use the only one with water inside :(, otherwise we've had a hole cave full of candles ... i dream now but imagine a hall 15x5 meters with mini-lakes with candles on.