Thursday, November 17, 2005

Living Loy Kratong
As I was saying, the candle festival. I played the carry boy part today as I was only in charge of providing the food and carrying the tripod. Rats! Ake was fully enjoying his new toy, so I humbly accepted my novice part. If you expect any candle photos, stop right now, cause we couldn't take any. The closest we got got was some blurry lights; the river bank was too high.

Super cool night! We hit towards the Golden Mountain, passing the food venders. I swear, if it moves, the Thais can cooked it!!!;)) Missed making it to the top cause it started raining and Ake was too protective of his baby...:-)

Headed to Kao San, the foreginer's hang out, where we got the most fantastic drumming show - some Thai and foreign backpackers where jamming their hearts out (beer bottle, spoons, a kind of long pipe, drums and shakers). Nearby, two drunk Thai teenagers where trying their best to make a buck or two agonizing their way into an old Thai rock dice.

A quick stop at Starbucks for an iced chocolate...There was this couple next to us, probably at an early stage in the relationship cause the guy was pretty nervous. However, within 15 min he was scoring big points.

The last stop was the river. A cool guy was playing the saxophone, so we didn't spend much time looking for candles, but instead hanged out next to him while Ake was taking photos of the fort behind, the saxophone and the crowd.

I love the old Bangkok...nighty night!


C.i.p.r.i.a.n said...

Wow, this is a lovely post, sprinkled with very nice pics ... well done Ake!
I can't wait to be there ... 18 days left now! :-)

Anonymous said...

F. frumoase da tu erai putzin obosita ca te poarta Puiu asta peste tot
he.. he.. si nu ai decat o poza cu tine poate nu ne-am uitat unde
trebuie. Va pup cu drag pe amandoi Tati (Mami e la servici)

Anonymous said...

Do I hear 17? Yeap...I was running on auto pilot today cause of last night...:))

Tati, brava shi multumim!
Pupa shi noi..:)

ionuca said...

...puiutzei, the pictures are just fabulous, good job guys...wish I was there...ionuca

ionuca said...

....hmm...carmen is not a BLONDE we can joke about blondes now, just to cheer everybody up: "how do you know when a blonde has been at the computer? there's wite-out all over the screen".."how do you sink a submarine full of blondes? knock on the hatch" mai revin mai incolo, pa si pu

Anonymous said... ruined my camouflage...!

Anonymous said...

Wow! The photographs and story are wonderful! What on Earth am I doing in the States?! What a beautiful time you describe. What does the Candle Festival celebrate?

Oh, and I'm super diggin the Fanta drinkin' gods! I'd be sad if they drank Coke or Pepsi (which a guide in Costa Rica called "American water" -- sad, but true) -- Fanta seems a little less pedestrian!

So what camera did Ake end up getting (sorry I just read the blog on that)? I use a D70 and love it, but will admit that Canon does have a little bit of an edge aas far as "cutting edge" digital goes. But you can use all of your old lenses with a Nikon and it seems that Nikon is quite a bit hardier. This season it seems that more than half of my shoots were in wicked down pours -- hours and hours of shooting inside a half-fogged plastic bag! Ah, the glamors of photography.

But I'm babbling. Love, love, love the images Ake got! Send him kudos for me!

So, yes, you've got me all ready to run for Thailand! Seriously, keep me posted on what you are doing in August and next November/December! Right now August is wide open and I'm hoping to spend it traveling with you guys.

Ok, well, it's freezing here (bet you don't get to feel that too often), so I'm going to build a fire and cook some squash!

Huge hugs, J

Anonymous said...

Hi J, we got a Nikon D70s. I feel exactly as you do about Canon, great techonology, but I'm too fond of Nikon. Keep in mind, you can upgrade your firmware from the Nikon site and make it work as D70S.

As of now, I can't get Carmen to stop talking about Tibet, so we'll probably head up to Nepal and Tibet in August. December is reserved for Romania.

Great hearing from you! Check on us in the next few days. We're hoping for some sunrise shooting.

Anonymous said...

Puilor,o trecut o ora si jumatate si nu o aparut pozele care le-ai promis ,da nu-i nimic revenim maine Va pupam cu drag