Monday, November 21, 2005

The Party
Another week packed with work...Every evening or so I got my small dose of the holiday drug, checking out cool places to go around Thailand.
The weather was vile from a swimming coach point of view...20-25 C is BAAAD news, people! We only get to have fun when all others are drowning their missery in beer, at 35 C.
It all got better and today we went out to a Thanksgiving party. Great group! Weird customs around the world was the ongoing theme of the evening. The romanian poison - Palinca was a hit, again, and that only from the stories of a few brave men who've tried some with my dad earlier in the year. The evening felt like being aroud the fire with a bunch of good souls on a cold night. Very soothing...Batteries fully charged for the last stretch before December!

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