Monday, January 30, 2006

Doggies coming - Chinese New Year Festivities in Bangkok - chapter I

Wow! What a night that was...the Chinese surely know how to throw a party. The streets were packed with people and Ake was saying the numbers are going down cause we COULD walk. :P Hawker food which is so unbelievably popular was everywhere and all joined in. An explosion of colour, music and taste...

Chinese have these strong family ties...5 generations living in the same house is is the ultimate goal. Kinda like, the house is not alive without granny and the kiddies together. So, there it was, families moving in masses, kiddies buying all sort of sweets, rice cakes and noodles, and grandparents with candles and incense, foreigners and Thais clicking their cameras.

We've heard great Chinese drumming, temple chants, Chinese flute music. There loads of street performers. An amainzing guy, who played his saxophone all night and the crowd just loved it.

The hit of the night was the Lion and Dragon Dance...but I'm saving that as the next entry :))..
An amaizing night! Happy Dog Year!


Michael Comglas said...

Wowwww! I think to go there also-Yaowaraj but I have to go back my hometown; Suphanburi...See my parents and grand-parents...I miss this festival again.

Anonymous said...

wow, you're right in the thick of the celebrations! am envious!

thanks for visiting my blog, but i've changed url; am now at

i'll be visiting your blog often. hope to see more pics!

Carmen said...

Yeap, it was explosion of bloody red and dragons. :)