Monday, January 09, 2006

Phi Phi Islands

We were staying on shore at Ao Nang Bay and a day or so after Lucia left we booked a tour to the Phi Phi Islands. Now, I’m not a huge fan of tours cause you lack the freedom and your minutes are counted. That’s looking at the glass half empty. The half full is that you actually get a little piece of heaven without actually owning a yacht to take you around these remote shores.

Our first stop was Bamboo Island. One well spent hour snorkeling and playing with the cameras…a little soap opera …

A bit of Kung Fu….featuring

And our sun celebrating jumps… featuring




Made another stop at Monkey Bay said to be full of monkeys just waiting to nibble at anything they can lay their hands on. The fishes and corals were too cool around our boat so we forgot all about monkeys and took a peak at the little ones. Loved it!

Off to a hearty lunch and a quick walk on Phi Phi Don, the only island with accommodation. I’ve been there some years ago and had some cool drinks in the coconut grove which stretches out between the two main beaches. That was all gone…all the coconut trees had been swept out. Those poor souls didn’t stand a chance. Still the island has recovered extremely well.
Mean looks greeted us back to the speed boat cause, once again we were the last ones back. :)

Few other smart bays on the way back, where the corals were just fantastic...MUST, MUST get a water proof camera next time!

Off to Maya Bay were The Beach was filmed…To think that I walk on the same beach were Leo DiCaprio was once walking…wow…he he he…ironic that was.

Until next time...same time, same station...


C.i.p.r.i.a.n said...

Very nice ... can't wait to see all the pics you took :-)

Anonymous said...

F.F.frumosi satetzi, dragilor,tare mult ne-o placut pozele,ne e tare dor de voi. Va sarutam cu drag!

Anonymous said...

Dragii lu,mama,am apucat si io sa va scriu doua vorbe. Mi-au placut taaaareee mult pozele inclusiv fizura ta.Sincer ma bucur mult pentru voi,se vede ca santetzi fericiti.Noi am inceput anul nou cu stangu si-s cam necajita pentru bunicu de la Tiream . O sa ma duc sa-l vad pe bietu ca-mi pare rau de el ca-i beteag.Am vrut sa va scriu mai multe da o sa revenim dupa ce ma intorc de la Tiream.Va sarutam pe amandoi Tatitzi si Mamitzi

Anonymous said...

Other than Ake Kung Fu photos it's all Ake's work, the little rat (being borned in the rat year you know)!:)

Mami, tati gata mah, ce va stiti!!! Ia niste vitamina A pentru bunicu...a fi bine.Pupa.

Mirela said...

You look very happy. I think I would look at the glass as it would be half full. I saw Eak doing Kung-Fu. Sould I be afraid or what!!!! He was good. About water camera you are not the only one (e.i. Marcel) who says every time that next time he will bring a water camera.
Very nice photo's.

Michael Comglas said...

I like your Kangfu shot lOl

Li Fang Wei said...

Wow I love these pics!

heather said...

Love the flip flot shot!