Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Santa gave me a gun!

K. is 5 years old and has the most incredible combination of blue eyes, blond hair.

Carmen : Hi K.! What did Santa bring you at Christmas?
K: I got a gun! Santa gave me a gun!

some months earlier...

Carmen: K.! What's your favorite toy?
K: My quitar! I'm learning how to play quitar!

Our Christmas on the other hand was sprinkled with a Thai Traditional and Jungle Dancing show in a secluded restaurant. After we had the food we realized it more like "unpopular". But, if you don't forgive at Christmas when else, right! The show seemed improvised over a 15 min talk but I loved it despite all the mishaps, or I should say more so because of it. One thing is certain: few Thai women are built for belly dancing...ladyboys do pretty good!
I saw a great Thai dance show in Phuket Fantasia 4 years ago, but the one I saw on Christmas will outlive the one in Phuket in my memory. It was fun ... without intending to be...:)))

Hot air balloon wishing....Cool! A bit of wax, a paper made ballloon mounted on wire cup and a goes up, up, up till it loses itself among stars. There's a dreamer in all of us!


Anonymous said...

Indeed. I like hot air balloons also. I would like them even more if there would be a string attached so you can drag the remains back, kinda like a kite.

C.i.p.r.i.a.n said...

Hey, Let's Happy!

Michael Comglas said...

Doom Doom! Ma Ja Le Doom!

Carmen said...

he he he...Yeap, that was funny! The whole dance show was presented by a very dubious woman who hid on right side of the stage behind walls. Her English was sprinkled with funny sayings like "Let's Happy!" ...It's all part of Thailand!