Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Sapan Lhek - The Tool's Road of Bangkok

While I was freezing my tail in a cold pool, Ake roamed around in China town - The Tool Lane of Sapan Lhek with some business from his Dad's gold shop.
The area is probably nose to nose crazy with the weekend market, Chatuchak. It's the ant hill feeling you get a lot in Asia.

Everyone has his own little shop, street stall or kiosk....the street is boiling with noodle soup, Chinese salapao pastries and all the workers buzzing away. The paradox is...although most of the equipment is at least 10 years behind and manual work is generally higly valued, the prices are way low and place is, well, a hit with both foreigners and locals!

Close by, the greater China Town is a fabulous place to buy jewelry (amethist, opal, shells and practically everything in between gold and copper).

Ohhh, and since most of the stuff there is illegal (but you didn't hear it from me), photos are also a risk!!! Shoot and ruuun!:)

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Looks rough!