Friday, January 06, 2006

Railay Beach - Krabi

Boy, we were happy...finally, laying on the beach without the immediate threat of rain. The sun was out!

I was chasing kiddies on the beach...Ake curled up in the shade (you won't see Thais sunbathing, and don't blame 'em - they've had enough of it!) on the mat with his book.

Roberto was on the mission to get a tan before reaching London...and he did it!

Lucia was more cautious sun-wise. Splashing around and reading a good book made her day!
Cipri was either roasting in the sun or getting some beach action - photos!! (what were you thinking?)

Some people even tried snorkelling!!And that's being Cipri alltogether!:)


As it turned out later on, climbing is was of the coolest things at Railay as we read in all guide books. Loads of dudes, lots of fun, encouragement, cheers and just a general feeling of well-being!

One day climbing is enough to make you feel old and fragile.

The instructors ... :)...all climbing bare-foot!Auch!


Anonymous said...

Fain de tat Puiucu,da o ajuns ia varf?
No ashe sa va mai vedem si pe
voi! Pupa!

Anonymous said...

Pai cum sa nu ajunga, mai? he he he....Chair shi lui io fost greu curutzu!!! he he he

Anonymous said...

Fain de tat Puiucu,da o ajuns in varful muntelui? No ashe , sa va mai vedem si pe voinu numai poze artistice he..he.. he.. Va pupam cu drag!

Michael Comglas said...

I already put your link too