Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Koh Samui

Samui is the second largest island in Thailand, suffering intensive development in the last 10 years. Still, even though the weather didn't help up much, I left with the feeling there loads of cool corners to explore.

The first morning promised SuuuN...ahh, when one's hopes r up...it's so darn hard to come down and face the clouds. Days like this you gotta look for the smart little things that perk around you...like this froggy that was swimming in our pool. Met her nearly everyday and had a few laughs as she was bathing in my googles.

Now, that was sad...Some 10 metres from the beach was this gorgeous dove...Ohh, dear one...

The irony of it all, naturally....the sun came out as we were leaving. Missed the Full Moon Party which brought some of us to despair, especially since the moon shone so brightly above as we were contemplating our loss.
Back to our bungalows and to our crepes&curry restaurant - a friendly bunch of people and a really cozy place to hang out (Ninja's Crepes).

The trip away from the island was just wonderful...nothing like good time to catch up with your friends, to melt down the years...myself and Lucia... great photo opportunities for a rookie like me! Lucia, look there, stand here, walk two steps to the left!

Chess with Cipri...the battle of titans :))) - it's hard when everyone wants to win, eh!
Some hardcore kayaking as the waves picked up and my kayak flipped over - Luckily Cipri was around in a kayak cause Roberto's smile from the shore said nothing else but "I'm not getting in!" We all got seriously bruised trying to get the kayaks back, but hey, it was worth it!..Thanks guys!

Coming soon - Railay Beach (Krabi)


Anonymous said...

Hey, Carmen! Can't wait to get to Asia ourselves!! Fingers crossed for good weather..it's been weird, and not only there, I tell ya.

Anonymous said...

Well hello there strangers!

Hope you'll be up for a drink or 20 with me to catch up?

Hope to see you soon.

ionuca said...

...very nice pictures, Ake, Luci and Cipri, you guys look awesome,you didn't change a bit over the years; really cool shots, although I have to say that my favourite is the last one with my dear cousin Carmen, of course, wish I was there, I bet you had a wonderful time, rainy or cloudy or sunny, who cares? as long you are together...but let's make a deal between all of us!...let's meet next time on another foreign land, a land that none of us seen before, something totally different where we could bake in the sun and go to ski in the same time, for ex. New Zeeland or another place on this earth, the Islands of Palau or Tahiti, or something that combines beaches and ski slopes, you think of something, like a 10 year reunion anniversary from the college graduation, do you remember the nice times spend at Straja? good homework for you anyway, time to wake up...wait to see more pictures..miss you guys, good to see you, Ioana

Anonymous said...

Hey, Ioana...yeap, New Zealand sounds good. In fact you only dicthed it for this August cause we figured out China is a better choice in the summer (Northern Hem.)
Her time will come!